In 1974, Joan Casals or Joan de Cal Guardiola, together with his wife Joana and another married couple, founded the El “Recó” Restaurant in the Customs House.

A name where its origins come from: RECONDITO, TA. adj. Hidden ground, Reserved and hidden. Recondito, Reconditus, Très-caché, Très–secret, Recondito. Dictionary Catalan-Castellá-Latin-French-Italy. For a Society of Catalans. Second Tom. Barcelona, ​​​​in the printing house of Joseph Torner.1839.

The Customs House, which gives its name to the Hotel inaugurated in 2004, and which comes from customs, a place of passage and rest, for people and livestock, before crossing the Sierra del Cadí-Moixeró, this house is part of the La Farga estate, dating from 1700, where there was a forge where iron was worked.

Joan Casals, very culé, despite the work and distance from Barcelona went every year with his son to see the Joan Gamper trophy, dressed in the Barça shirt.

In 1985, on the occasion of the unfortunate final of the European Club Cup against Steaua de Bucharest in Seville, all members and fans of F.C. Barcelona, ​​​​they began to name him Avi, except for the Sevillians who called him Xanquete.

Since then he began to go to see the Barça games at the Camp Nou and everyone knew him by the Ávi del Barça, and they went to see him at the restaurant in Guardiola de Berguedà and asked for Ca l'Avi, as in the no one knew the town by that name, the name of the restaurant was changed to El “Recó” del Abuelo.