Complex where you will find Berguedà cuisine,
a mountain hotel and rural accommodation

All in an idyllic space for hiking or cycling, mushroom picking, agrotourism...

La caseta de l’Avi del Barça


The booth "Avi del Barça"

If you come you can see a small museum of the pieces that the grandfather has been collecting over the years, related to the club of his life, Barça!

January, 21 2015

Game and Truffles


From January to March 2015 The smell of truffles that the ground exudes brightens the winter cuisine, and is like a trained dog that helps us locate its wonderful, sought-after fruit. It will be he, too, who brings out the partridge, ha...


September, 22 2014

Mushroom Menu

Treasures of a delicious landscape

The most lush and aromatic mushrooms await you, under the black pines from Peguera to Coll de Pal. Rovellons (Catalan denomination for bloody milk caps) and Red pine mushrooms, under the infinite pine carpet that covers everything from the...