September, 22 2014

Mushroom Menu

Treasures of a delicious landscape

The most lush and aromatic mushrooms await you, under the black pines from Peguera to Coll de Pal. Rovellons (Catalan denomination for bloody milk caps) and Red pine mushrooms, under the infinite pine carpet that covers everything from the gentle Capolat plateau to the rugged slopes of Catllaràs. Chanterelles, in their bright dress, under the shade of the northward-facing oaks. Or rich and moist llenegues negres (black mushrooms), further south, where nature draws us to a Berguedà of Mediterranean essences. These are found in those forests and show their charms in a variety of dishes, as once again the wise hands of the cooks have done good work and they have everything ready to offer you an unforgettable experience. The table is rendered a perfumed spectacle. Memories of moist soils and gourmand flavours. The Mushroom Menu has collected and combined the best ingredients for the enjoyment of your senses. Surrender yourself. Breathe fresh air and savour the thousand and one textures from start to sweet finish. Marc Estévez Casabosch