January, 21 2015

Game and Truffles


From January to March 2015 The smell of truffles that the ground exudes brightens the winter cuisine, and is like a trained dog that helps us locate its wonderful, sought-after fruit. It will be he, too, who brings out the partridge, ha...

September, 22 2014

Mushroom Menu

Treasures of a delicious landscape

The most lush and aromatic mushrooms await you, under the black pines from Peguera to Coll de Pal. Rovellons (Catalan denomination for bloody milk caps) and Red pine mushrooms, under the infinite pine carpet that covers everything from the...

May, 28 2014

The Patum (from 18 June to 22 June)

World Heritage UNESCO

The Patum ( Wold Heritage ) is a sacred historic-popular representation of the reinterpreted, atavistic, pagan celebrations derived from ancient medieval theater performances, and held annually in the city of Berga during the week of Corpus...

February, 20 2014

Visit the Foundation Alicia

The Black Pea

Last Monday, 17th February 2014, we visited the Alícia Foundation after having been invited by the Berguedà Development Agency with the aim of familiarizing restauranteurs and producers of the Black Pea, such as ourselves, with the result...

January, 27 2014

Rice Festival

Meal for the Poor

Rice festival of Bagà or meal for the poor. For over seven hundred years, Bagà has prepared the so-called meal for the poor (witch would originally be cooked on Carnival Sunday). On the arcaded aquare of Bagà, 250 kilos of rice, ve...

January, 20 2014

Game and Truffles


Game and truffles, two unique products that are hidden in the woods of Berguedà, and allow us, thanks to our skilled chefs, to savour dishes that are both ancient and modern at the same time. Thus, from mid-Desember 2013 to late March 201...

January, 09 2014

La Corrida

The Festival of St. Antoni Abat

The tracidional festival of Sant Antoni Abat is known by a specific name in Puig-reig: La Corrida. At the end of next week Sant Antoni gives homage to the old carrier job with a parade that has horses and men as its protagonists. Alongside ...

October, 10 2013

European Union Ecolabel


At the "Recó de l' Avi" restaurant and the "Hotel Casa Duaner", nothing is done by chance. We use solar energy for hot water, boilers with low emission burners, maximun flow rate reduction on taps, automatic lights off switches in rooms, e...

September, 26 2013

Mushroom Menu

_ Excuse me. Did you say "all year"? Yes, all year around. In winter, spring, summer... even now, in the fall, when I have the most atavistic experiences. El Berguedà, land of mushrooms, all year around. The special MUshroom Menu wil...

September, 07 2013

Fitness 2013/2014

Classes and schedules

STEPS: A medium-hight intensity workput with movements on and around the step to improve coordination. ZUMBA: Dance based on Latin American music and simple choreographic sequences. Ideal for having fun. INTERVALS: Combination of card...